As DEMİRLER CUSTOMS BROKERAGE, having set out with the goal of being a pioneer in its sector in 1993, we carry on transferring our experience to foreign trade companies with the principle of making a difference in service, and as of 2018, we are proud of our 25th year of being in the sector with a clean record.

In these 25 years that we left in the past, we have tried to both increase our service quality and shorten the duration of our service for you, our valued customers, and we have always strived to do better. We regard our 25th year as an indication that we are on the right track and we will always continue to work to achieve better.

With our philosophy of “No Limit in Service”, we continue to grow rapidly in our sector, always knowing that it is our duty to add new ones to our services.

With the E-Follow System we have offered to our customers, we have passed through digital customs clearance, as well as working transparently and trying to inform you instantly.

With our 8 official branches, our service and liaison offices throughout Turkey as of the end of 2017, we are always ready for duty with our goals for the betterment in our service area with our experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, fast but not hasty, harmonious staff who constantly improves and renews itself in accordance with the sector’s conditions, prioritizing human relations with an emphasis on love and respect. Apart from Customs Brokerage, information and trainings about current legislation are also provided to you, our esteemed companies, free of charge, together with experts in their profession.

Our aim is to provide instant, accurate, high quality and reliable service to our valued customers in foreign trade in a fast, effective and easy way, by keeping up with the developing technology and by improving ourselves. We always continue to work towards this goal, and by dedicating our 25 years to these works, we declare that our understanding of service will never change in the coming years, and that we will continue to struggle to contribute and benefit to you, our esteemed companies.

Considering the sector conditions and renewed processes, we present our respects with the desire to work together with you, our esteemed companies, on this path, which we continue with the idea of ​​”He who does not renew himself is defeated”, which is an understanding of Demir Group.


General Manager
Customs Broker