Kemal Demir

Founder / General Manager

We, as Demir Group, our success as a brand; We have achieved this by working consistently in line with the values we believe in. As Demir Group, we have never compromised on honesty, which is our indispensable principle.
Our success; In this way, which we have continued by maintaining our reliability since its establishment, we owe it to our work with the idea of professional business ethics by transferring our knowledge in the right way.
Our main aim is; is to be beneficial to our people and future generations by providing added value to our country. In addition, we always make it our principle to work with all our strength so that you can benefit from the opportunities that provide competitive privileges on a sectoral basis, within the framework of the changing trade understanding and constantly renewing legislation in the world markets.
As an institution that attaches importance to the national economy and employment, we are determined to continue our success by combining our educated and professionally experienced management staff, experienced employees, customer satisfaction-oriented service understanding with our knowledge and experience.