Demirler Customs Brokerage


Risk Analysis

Why is risk analysis done at customs?

In order to ensure that international trade takes place on a legal basis, customs administrations perform the important task of preventing illegal trade, while making regulations and practices that facilitate trade. Risk analysis and risk management, which are important concepts on the agenda of the world’s customs today, covers the studies carried out to define, evaluate and prioritize the risks in customs transactions. 

Export Sample

What will you do if you want to send a sample of the product?

Your buyer abroad, with whom you have established an export connection, may want to see a sample of the product before deciding whether to purchase the product. While customs clearance of samples is made, customs declaration is made in a different and easier way than a standard import or export process. A declaration called the Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB) is used in the customs declaration made in this way.

Turkey-EU Customs Union

How is a good in free circulation documented?

A.TR Movement Certificate is issued by the competent authorities of the exporting country in order to prove that a commodity within the scope of the customs union, which is subject to trade between Turkey and the European Union, is in free circulation in the European Union or Turkey. If this document is submitted to the customs office of the importing country, it is possible to benefit from the tax exemption provided in accordance with the Customs Union in customs procedures.

Control of Statement

How to check customs declaration?

Your customs declaration is checked by the customs office in four ways:
1. Red Line Control,
2. Yellow Line Control,
3. Blue Line Control,
4. Green Line Control: Goods within the scope of customs declaration are not subject to document control or physical examination.

Inward Processing Regime

What are the advantages of Inward Processing Regime?

It may pay the taxes incurred during the import of the raw materials, auxiliary materials, packaging and operating materials that you will use in the production of the goods to be exported; After the manufactured product is exported, you can recover the taxes you paid. This app is called “Refund System”